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Welcome to Caleufu Travel Lodge.

Our spectacular location in Junín de los Andes, just 200 meters away from the Chimehuín River and 25 minutes from the magnificent Malleo River, to mention some of the so many rivers and lakes in northern Patagonia, will provide the possibility to feel as if you were at home. The Lodge is equipped with comfortable rooms and the ample cabins, with access to the lawn, will make your stay memorable.

Picture yourself in an impressive nook surrounded by mountains on the banks of the Chimehuín River, where this peaceful mountain village is located, amidst a wild scene.

   The three modalities of salmonidae fishing -spinning, trolling and fly casting- represent the main local tourist activities. The excellence    of the Curruhué, Malleo, Aluminé and Collón Curá Rivers, to name a few, has turned this district into the Trout Capital of Argentina.

   While staying at Caleufú Travel Lodge, you will be able to visit 3,771-meter-high Lanín Volcano and Lake Huechulafquen, on a
    42-kilometer-long tour.
    A site to discover and enjoy the most intense experiences. Ideal to grasp nature year round

   Ask about our fishing programs:
   - Wading
   - Lakes
   - Float trips
   - Float trips and camping